Month: October 2009

Everything just is

As I continue to explore for the epiphany of my niche to share with the world on the greatest thing ever invented being the internet and become the immortal, ubiquitous God that I think I am(OK, just kidding), I will

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2 issues that needs to be taken care of now.

#1 Estimated annual cost of operating Guantánamo: $90 million to $118 million. So is Guantánamo helping us or hurting us? Sure the people our government says are dangerous to our society are put away, but then more can and will

How to get involved in Climate Change…

I have found a cause that I can truly stand behind. National Blog Action Day 2009.  Because of all the BS that goes in/on this country/planet, I believe that the climate change problem affects everyone’s well being and health more

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