I was introduced to a concept that really sent me reeling. I mean life changing stuff. The concept is utilized beautifully in a simple exercise that doesn’t really take any time because you are doing the exercise the whole time you are doing something else related to the exercise. I will explain it once I give you some background on where/who I got the high vibration exercise from.

One of my habits  (if you didn’t already know) is life hacking. I love to read different concepts of how to make your life easier by making yourself better.

I had the pleasure of running into the profound workings of Derek Rydall. Well, honestly his work is not all profound. Some is just reminders. Reminders of what we (as humans) really are and what we are capable of if we just get out of our own head and our own way for a minute.

I will be honest about this, as well. With my life hacking/mental conditioning/self reflection, I find myself more in tune and identifying as my spiritual self than my physical self. More on that in future posts, I am sure. But for now…

Derek is and has been present on this planet to share some incredible advice and training on how to become the best you can be. Some of his content is available for purchase, but what I am learning right now was free.  What I am speaking of is his “The Five Hypnotic Wealth Spells” pdf which you get by joining his email list and also includes a number of videos of trainings he does.
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So back to the task at hand: the concept/exercise I introduced in the first paragraph of this post. He calls it mastering the energy of money.

So what you do is this: whatever task at hand you are working on, ruminate on what it took to get where you are right now. Say, for instance you are working on something as simple as making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for your hungry child. Reflect on what it took to get you the things you are using right now to do that. You could start with the peanut growers and the process it takes to grow the peanuts, harvest the peanuts, send them to the peanut butter makers. All these humans involved. Think about it. You have the people run the machines to grind the  peanuts after someone else has inspected them to make sure they were good peanuts and taste good, too. The people involved in making the jar and lid the peanut will go into are also part of this picture. The peanut butter goes into jars then people put the jars in a box and then put the box on the truck an the truck drivers drive them to the distribution centers where people fill the orders to go to the stores where it goes onto another truck to go to the stores where another person unloads the truck, and another person puts the peanut butter on the shelf where you can pick it up, take it to another person who rings up the peanut butter and puts it in a bag for you to take home to make said peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

And that is just the peanut butter part of this whole process!! You have the jelly, the bread, the plate you make your tasty sandwich on. The utensils you are using to spread the condiments on with….the list goes on and on.

And what about the glass of milk to go with it?!? How about them cows, huh?
dairy cows

My deepest apologies if you are craving a PB&J now…

My point is this: As you take all this in and explore all the different avenues there is in making this sandwich, you begin to realize the effort and how much conspiring is being done here. And this is just what you know and imagine is being done. And this is not even the best part of the exercise.

Now as you are standing there in awe of where your mind has just taken you, with the jelly knife still poised in the air above the sandwich, you now express inner gratitude. You bless all the people and things that made all this possible. For you.

This, my friend, is the circle of life. The circle of nature. This is what goes on behind the scenes everyday of our life. And when you think about it, appreciate it, and finally bless it, your life and brain is transformed.

Gratitude is such an overlooked but powerful tool.

So the next time you are standing there doing something, use some conscious thought and be deliberate for a moment. This means not letting your brain go wherever it usually goes when it is idle worrying or being anxious about something.

If you do not have this struggle(which most people are not even conscious to know that they do), kudos to you.

What I mean by being deliberate is being present and play around with the above exercise. It’s fun and worthwhile to try. You could have an epiphany (like I did!) and realize how many people-including the Universe and God- are conspiring for you to win!! Then question as to why you are not winning , like, all the time.

Oh, yeah. It’s you. You are holding yourself back. But not you, the conscious part of you, the subconscious part of you is screwing things up. That one that just wants the conscious you to stay right where you are. Where it’s nice and safe.

But it’s not a lot of fun there, doing the same old thing just because it is safe.

So I dare you to try the exercise.

And you are most welcome.

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