I have found a cause that I can truly stand behind. National Blog Action Day 2009.  Because of all the BS that goes in/on this country/planet, I believe that the climate change problem affects everyone’s well being and health more than anything else.

First of all, I would like you to think about this: As intelligent as the human race is, we have destroyed to create. The air, the lands, the seas.  Sometimes accidentally, sometimes on purpose…but always responsible.  The animals that live around us have lived in harmony with the environment.

And we are supposed to be the smart ones.

So essentially we all now need to be MORE intelligent (and in many cases, less lazy and complacent) and learn to use what is around us as that can be used as power sources that won’t kill. Like the wind. Like the sun.

Oh sure, we have started.  We should have started a while back using cleaner energy sources.  Or maybe  not started down the path to where we are now  at all. But we weren’t that smart.

We are getting there, though.  A lot more  people are realizing every day what is going on with Mother Earth and are fighting that foreseeable future. It won’t be an easy battle, but our planet’s future can be changed.

Recycle. Make sure your friends, family and congresspeople are on the planet’s  side, too.  Do a search for energy saving tips or read up from books and magazines. Easy steps to take if you are “financially challenged”. And when I say recycle I don’t just mean at home. Recycling and practicing energy saving tips at your work and in your community is even more valuable because it can become infectious.

If not so financially challenged, you can do other things to help your environment, as well. Think solar panels, for one. Again…research.

And if you are very well off and profiting from the evil planet killing business practices directly or indirectly, shame on you.

I could and would like to use much stronger words to repudiate what you have done and/or what you continue to do to this planet, but I will keep these thoughts to a more positive tone.

Everyone. Wake up.

You can make a difference. We can make it happen.

Like this post, the most important thing to do is to communicate. Blog Action Day is a resource to do that with.

Remember: humans are supposed to be the smart ones.

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