#1 Estimated annual cost of operating Guantánamo: $90 million to $118 million. So is Guantánamo helping us or hurting us? Sure the people our government says are dangerous to our society are put away, but then more can and will come along. So should we just keep on throwing money at the problem? That is not going to make Gitmo just go away but actually just get bigger! Here are some facts that  came from the New York Times in 2007. Dated yes, but I just wanted to get the number that started this paragraph.That is a lot of money that could help a lot of unemployed people, don’t you think?

The recent rise in Wall Street bonuses. We all want to know one thing above else, right? How do those CEOs live with themselves? I suspect those CEOs know and remember and were possibly part of the reason the bailouts  happened.  And now they are hoarding more of the hard earned dollars that should be more evenly dispersed across the U.S. I am not one who believes in socialism. I believe there needs to be more ‘grey area’ work to get those CEO hoarders out in the open to make amends to people who just want to have a better quality of life. If you have more money than you can possibly use, give it to someone so they can eat.

I am beginning to think that those same CEOs and other bonus receivers  are just as bad as the terrorists are. And maybe-just maybe-the money spent at Gitmo Bay is less than or equal to what those less than savory CEOs receive.

Yes, that may be a hint.

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