So to continue from last post, Everything just is, here are three things to get rid of: addiction to security, addiction to sensation, addiction to power.

These three addictions come from the survival phase in evolution of the human species.  S0 I guess you could say that they are important, but they should not dictate how you see or react to your surroundings…or your ‘is’.

For example, my cat be sitting operating on a sensation level eating it’s catfood when my teenage son storms in the house, slamming the door and scaring the cat which would put the petrified puss on its security level and bolt out of the kitchen knocking over it’s bowl and scattering food wherein I would use my power level and demand that my over zealous offspring clean up the cat food that he indirectly caused the mess of. He would then get mad at me and  saying it was not his fault the cat got scared and so on and so forth. And it’s his damn cat to begin with.

Anyways.  See what I mean?  All three lower addictions showed their ugly head causing all sorts of demeaning discourse and arrogant anger. Who needs those addictions to control us like that?

Granted the cat can’t help it. But we, as humans, can. And teenagers need to learn.  The earlier,  the better.

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