I ran across a new cause.  A good cause.  One that would work if we all participate.

I had actually done this a long time ago before the ‘bailout’.    I have not really been affected directly by the bailout or housing crisis.  But I have seen effects. And it is so wrong.

So go here, to http://moveyourmoney.info/ and watch the video. Then follow the steps outlined. And then pat yourself on the back for moving your money. For doing the most sensible thing citizens of our country can do for each other.

If you had already done it, good for you.Good for you for not participating in the destructive ‘Potter machine’.

It would be a good way to start off 2010. It would also be a good way to strike back at the vermin called the ‘power banks’ left out there that we will not tolerate what they have done to us for their personal gain.

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