Yes, that’s right, I said it. Tyranny has reared its ugly head today in our Supreme Court.

“Reporting from Washington – The Supreme Court today overturned a century-old restriction on corporations using their money to sway federal elections and ruled that companies have a free-speech right to spend as much as they wish to persuade voters to elect or defeat candidates for Congress and the White House.” stated in the LA Times today, January 21.

Mark this infamous day in history. The Supreme Court has struck down a law that has been in place/enforced since 1907. A law to help keep the balance between Corporations and the common people.

So this is the kind of thing that EVERYONE needs to know about. Because it can lead to baaaad things.

It happened first this morning. I had not read it anywhere till 5PM this afternoon. Maybe that is my bad. But I want to make sure that EVERYBODY IS AWARE.

The fact that it happened ALMOST EXACTLY a year into Obama’s presidency? Hmmmm….

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