Me?  I use IE7, Firefox, Chrome, and sometimes Safari.

I use any three at one time while I internetally(hey, I just invented a word!!)  market my  Magiccoffeenow site for Magic Power Coffee.  I use IE at work(because I have to) and at home for some of my email (so I can leave the gmail and earthlink account that is associated with the browser so I don’t have to enter credentials every time)  and for my banking.  Firefox because I am used to the extensions that I use with it now, and Chrome because it is pretty darn cool and for the email credentials issue I just mentioned. And since its extensions list is growing, I may use more predominantly. Safari is pretty cool, since it is graphically definitley an Apple product.  Just really haven’t got into it that much. I haven’t even changed the toolbar except for adding the gmail to it.

Going by browser statistics on the W3school site in January 2010, Firefox is the master, but Chrome is gaining fast.   But according to PCMag, Chrome will be you next browser. Google is obviously a mammoth internet monster to be reckoned with. Watch out Firefox.

So, the main reason I use more than one browser is because of the email issues I have.  I have a lot of email addresses with what I do with Magic Power coffee and this site and personal use. If I use different browsers, I can associate a specific browser with a specific gmail address so I do not have to put that email/password in everytime. The browser already knows.

Major time saver.

Just a small look into my browsing world and maybe a hint at what you can do to make a computer work better for you. Dueling browsers.

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