The real victim

Two points on two things in the news because it has to be said and I have nothing else to say.

Screw all those ‘victims’ in Tiger’s path(oh yeah, that’s right…they already have been) who want an apology for Tiger’s behavior. If anybody should be getting an apology, it’s Elin from THEM.  She is the victim. They knew who he was.  If they thought that he was going to be any more loyal to them, then they deserved what they got.  Did Tiger use a condom? Maybe. If he did, then at least I know that they were not just trying to have Tiger’s next kid and live off the child support. Enough said.

Except that if Brett needs any help consoling Ms Elin, he can call me…

Although Joe Stack went to extraordinary measures to get away from his IRS problems, I can see where his frustration came from.

“I have had all I can stand,” he wrote in the note, dated Thursday, adding: “I choose not to keep looking over my shoulder at `big brother’ while he strips my carcass.”

But now what? He left a wife and kid behind.  He just left them with his IRS probs, did he not? Kinda selfish, I think. And who is going to end up paying for that building?

Jesus was gay? Really? So, Elton, I must ask you: A straight guy can’t be a compassionate and super-intelligent  who understood human problems?

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