I have had this site online-in one form or another-for years now. Since I have opened up to wordpress and its commenting engines, I have been getting people(I think) who have submitted spam comments that are absolutely gibberish. I am not sure if they are a foreign language not getting translated correctly or what. On top of that the links they leave go absolutely nowhere.

So why would someone go to the effort of leaving spam comments(or write code that would do so) that do absolutely nothing but have someone go to the effort of deleting them?

It occurred to me that they might open up some type of virus/worm/malware etc. so I do not open them. But why?

Damn, I just got another while I was writing this post…can anyone explain? This is what it looks like…

4wNmA9 nszbaumltnfj, [url=http://tdtlbhhsfwtg.com/]tdtlbhhsfwtg[/url], [link=http://ekiqlubjtyza.com/]ekiqlubjtyza[/link], http://xhesywjrcpkx.com/


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