I decided to do a bit more research into the Gulf Oil Explosion today and thought it would be prudent to pass this information on in a digested state and pass on a few learning links.

I had thought from the beginning that this could have been more than just an accident. There were a lot of people who did not want to see more oil rigs off our shores for fear of something like this happening. Or maybe  more likely certain parties/governments just not wanting to see America not being reliant on foreign oil.  I was interested to see that I am not the only one with these theories. Not at all amazed. Or delighted. Just interested. From what I read here under “What could Yet Come”, this oil reservoir found that is now leaking into the gulf is absolutely massive. I could see foreign governments being a bit scared about the losing the US cash cow and wanting to stop the drilling. And like the 9-11 conspiracy theories, causing a disaster so large, so unbelievable, that noone would actually believe that someone conspired to do it on purpose.

Thank God there there was not anywhere near the amount of deaths as 9-11, but the ecological and economic ramifications of this disaster, since unprecedented-could possibly dwarf 9-11 at its end. Ecologically, this explosion aftermath will last for over a decade. Economically, I have read mixed reports of who is footing the bill for this. No matter who is paying for it now, I would guess that the average American eventually will feel it. Especially since the rise of the Rise of the Corporate Court.

The disaster is not over yet. Read this. Very good read. The  magnitude of the Gulf Oil spill is possibly a bit beyond your comprehension. Plus I found a pdf on what BP is saying happened. And a news report on what the latest attempts are to close off the leaking oil and gas.

Last but not least, did you know that this event was prophetic disaster? Read Revelations 8:8. Spooky stuff.

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