Big Pharma strikes again. McCain is working on S. 3002, The Nutritional Supplement Prohibition Act. If the Act makes it, you will have a hard time finding supplements or they will just cost too damned much.

McCain says: “Legitimate dietary supplement companies should have nothing to fear from this legislation. The purpose of the bill is not to create a sweeping regulatory structure, but instead a targeted structure that provides for openness, transparency and safety.” You can read more here.

Safety?!? Are you kidding me? Noone has ever died from taking a supplement!  Conversely, how many deaths are caused by Big pharma drugs?  And the pharmaceutical are the regulated items.

Yeah, this makes a WHOLE lot of sense.

Anyways, GO HERE and fill out the petition before nutritional supplements are regulated. Next they will try to outlaw them, I am sure.

One thought on “Reject S. 3002 – The Nutritional Supplement Prohibition Act

  1. Reject S. 3002
    Supplements are needed more than ever to fight the effect of electromagnetic stress, environmental pollution and the diminishing quality of our food supply due to chemical fertilizers, basting solution injected meats, genetically modified plants and animals.
    The FDA has it backwards drugs don’t treat cure or prevent most disease, they only treat the symptoms, except for antibiotics which kill bacteria and some vaccines which prevent some infectious diseases. Most illness and genetic weakness comes from poor diet, drug abuse and just plain bad habits like smoking. Without self-knowledge, love from all sources, good high quality food and the necessary supplements to feed and nourish the body so it can regenerate itself, no healing and/or prevention will ever occur. Only quality food, sunshine, supplements and love from all sources can do that.

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