So I saunter into a convenience cafe to secure something to alleviate my aridity.

No sodas. No Juices. I desire a bottled water.

Since when is a 16 ounce serving of  saturation more steep in cents than soda? Than Beer?

I carefully consider the cooler choices to decide on one of one dozen brands cooling away for my convenience.

Dasani? Concievably.

Auquafina? Not a chance.

Deer Park? Always figured there was remnants of ruminant in it if it came from park of deer.

Hey, what’s this? Prima. Looks good. Crisp. Unguilty. The bottle is made from 100% Vegetables. Not crude oil.  100%  biodegradable. What a concept.

Forgive my ignorance, but should we not have been doing this a long time ago?

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