I have witnessed a new collage of coverage by CNN and other sources of bedbugs here lately. With the fact that this vampire-like vermin is an alliteration within its own name and with my insatiable inclination for random knowledge, I decided to do some research to appease my appetite for intelligence on these pestering parasites.

First of all, for a pro, bedbugs are  not very harmful except their bothersome bite may itch a bit. Bedbugs can carry other pathogens but after extensive testing has proven that these nocturnal nuisances are unlikely to pass deadly disease from one person to another.

Now for a con, they have been gradually growing in number(not in size or we would have to purchase bigger beds!) since 1995. They have been hungry continental hitchhikers arriving back in the states after being largely and thankfully eradicated with DDT in the Early 1940s.

For a pro, they reproduce by traumatic insemination. Get this: the female has no genital opening so the male pierces her abdomen with his hypodermic genitalia(how is THAT for having a needle dick?) and ejaculates into the body cavity. That can’t be very comfortable for the fatally female bedbug. Plus with no genital opening, actually performing the backbreaking birth can’t be too comfortable either. Even better, some amorous males try to mate with other males, fatally wounding the ‘catcher’ male bedbug. Several points on the side of intelligent evolution.

Another con, the bites cause a skin condition called Cimicosis. The bites can cause on humans bullous eruptions , lesions and even anaphylactic shock.  All these reactions are rare, though. Serious bed bug infestations and chronic attacks can cause anxiety, stress, insomnia, even delusional parasitosis. I am assuming these psychological reactions are from the idea of being eaten alive in your semi sleep as opposed to some killer chemical the bedbugs are transmitting into you during any exchange of bodily fluids. Ever seen an extreme example of delusional parasitosis? Get Bug. Awesome movie.

You all do realize that a ‘pro’ is not about what is good about a bedbug, right?

So, let’s end with a pro, shall we? Natural enemies of the bedbug are the masked hunter, ants spiders, mites, centipedes, and yes, the cockroach. This ostentatious observation can be either readily relieving or terribly troubling. Visions of having masked hunters, ants spiders, mites, centipedes or the cockroach in your bed where the bedbug may be lavishly living on your lifeblood is a dangerous dream. But I think that if something drastically disturbing like that could happen to us in our progressive country, it would have happened by now, right?

Sweet dreams.

2 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Bedbugs

  1. My daughter slept for a month on a mattress infested with bedbugs, before she realized what was happening. She has permanent scars on both legs as a result. Not a happy situation at all.

  2. I saw some pretty horrific pics while gathering for this post. I am sorry and hope that this post did not stir up any bad memories. Being a constant optimist, I suppose I was going for the ‘bright side’ of bed bugs. Either way this is read, I appreciate any comments my blog gets.

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