So unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard about the british lady who, unbeknownst to her, was videotaped by closed circuit in UK luring a cat to a trash can and then picking up the cat(Lola) and throwing it in the UK Wheelie bin(that is what the British call them). The cat apparently suffered 16 hours in the trash can without success in jumping out.

It was a pretty traumatic experience. For a damn cat.

A lot of backlash.  Charges being filed.  Death threats…

It’s just a fucking cat.

I looked up the name ‘Lola’ for it’s meaning. It’s spanish and means sorrow. I guess the petrified puss was pretty damned sad for the 16 hours it was stuck inside that hot trash can. Boy she will have some stories to embellish on to her cat buddies.

Sure, I have cats, too.  And I have been known to play a practical joke or two. The laser pointer fun. Tape on the paws. Yelling at them. At least I do not live in Asia.

I have not seen nor heard anyone offering any free psychiatric treatment for said cat.

And how do we know that Lola did not deserve such treatment? Maybe the cat somehow pushed our european human into putting her into the woeful wheelie. Yes, I am suggesting that maybe Lola deserved it.

There are three sides to every story, you know.

I do not think our fellow two-legger would actually admit being goaded by a feline. She is actually better off using the insanity defense. Like when your little brother or sister taunts you and your mom asks “And how old are you?” after you throw them into the closet or the like.

We should work on actually standing behind the human race before we support this animal. Maybe we should observe more closed circuit video to make sure before we prosecute that maybe our fellow human wasn’t the victim here…

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