It seems like there is a lot of complaining by people about what they don’t like about their government. The spending, the taxes, the healthcare reform, whatever.

But the thing is that the PEOPLE that are doing this to everyone else are PEOPLE WE ELECT. We elect them in and then they are not held accountable. But whose fault is that?

I do see more accountability nowadays since what happened when the Bush Administration was around. The recession, the unemployment just to name a few of what the USA has been struggling with.  Maybe we can take partial blame for that because this country actually re-elected him. Now with the Democrats controlling things, things are not much better and some are saying it’s about to get worse. Republicans are saying the Democrats are destroying everything and the Dems are saying the Republicans already did and so on and so forth.

Guess what? I did not vote for either one of those candidates last election. No way, no how.

My point is what Einstein said: Insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. Or in this case snowballing results. Democrats or Republicans-it doesn’t matter to me. The worst are all just politicians with lobbyists and shareholders pulling their strings for a corruption level that will bring down the middle class while just blaming the other party for it.

Not good at all.

The better politicians?  There are some. You know what? They ANSWER to their constituents. The constituents should ask questions about what their elected officials are doing. Tell the elected officials what they want and don’t want and what they want to see and what they don’t want to see.

That’s our responsibility.

If we, the middle class, don’t tell them what to do because we should, then those shareholders and lobbyists will lead our elected officials where we don’t want them which is protecting the interests of the few, not the many.

Essentially what we should be doing. The only difference is we WOULD be telling them to do the RIGHT thing.

For example H.R 5029 is definitely not designed for US middle class, but with a title like “The Economic Freedom Act”, it sure sounds desirable.

But read up. It’s not.

So three things you need to do:

Get involved and be informed.

Speak up.

Take back your country.

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