Quick note to promote some old friends with a new site Earth Station One.

OK, actually only one of them is a friend only because I haven’t met the others. What’s up, Mike?

But anyways, if you are into sci-fi, and/or SyFy then this is the place to go.

Especially if you like podcasts or would like to get involved with podcasts. Not something I have ventured into yet. And I do not think I have the talent to get into those aspects of the web. But a team like this can put it together and make it entertaining and educational.

So the four things that are good about Earth Station One?

How about four people?

  • Mike Faber
  • Dan Rynn
  • Mike Gordon
  • Judy Faber

With a caption like

Your Sci-Fi / Fantasy Weekly Podcast and Much, Much More

they definitely have their hands full. But the articles are interesting, entertaining and worth the web.

So when you get a chance, catch up with the archives to get up to speed with the Earth Station One gang.


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