So, yes this is the season in my industry that I am slammin-busy taking care of my clients. A lot of hours spent at the hotel where you just don’t know whether you will be sitting on your ass doing nothing(or posting–like me) or taking of whatever needs to be done to keep everybody happy.

Lately the onerous occupation(no, not really) has been keeping these masses happy.  Plus doing the necessary paperwork, and keeping whoever needs to be kept in line, well, in line.

So then, I construct mischievous and cryptic posts like How I will kill you All where my illustrious readers think I have gone stark raving mad.

Slightly…but that is a whole other subject.  Yeah, that last post probably got me on the No-Fly List.

Then when not at the P.O.B., I enjoy watching my internet shows. Internet shows meaning shows that I miss, for whatever reason,

Damn. No wonder I am slightly SRM.

Anyways. I also read my Work Less and Do More Book and such. Then I work on quality and entertaining posts.

I rarely get comments, so I can only assume that my posts are so absolutely riveting that one can only close the browser window so as not to just fall back into a deep coma from the plethora of humor and knowledge I exude.

So the three reasons I have to keep up with my own blog?

  1. To keep my sanity by passing such lunacy on to my readers.
  2. To keep the readers’ sanity in check by showing just how bad it could be.
  3. Good SEO.

OK, those are MY three reasons. You can go make up your own. I promise I will read them.

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