Anything is good in moderation…especially when it comes to capsaicin.

Just because you are The President of the United States does NOT mean you are the Most Influential Man of the Year. On the contrary, you might be the one to talk about the President a lot. But with Obama’s approval rating south of 50%, what would you expect? I didn’t vote for him. Actually, ‘optimism about the American system of government is at a 36-year low, yet most Americans blame the people in office — not the system itself — for all that’s going wrong.’  Straight from the news today.

Well, I guess that’s really two things I learned.

Speaking of approval, seems like I am hearing a bit more approval for the Fairtax here lately.  While during this election season, naye-sayers are debunking Fairtax by not giving the full story, there are a lot of others, working to prop the Fairtax up against such stupidity. Of course, there will be ~23% sales tax on everything. But what the Fairtax haters are not telling you is this: THERE WILL BE NO INCOME TAX. That is the main idea.

People will make videos about anything these days.

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