So my past post was of such legitimate and lasting quality, might I pursue and renew?

Thank You.

First thing is Moby. As in the Dick.  Asylum brings you the newest adaptation of the adventures of this burly beluga . In theaters Nov 23, 2010. Why is this the first I am hearing about this?

Want to know if you will become a self made millionaire(if you are not already)? Well, according to this article, there are 7 things that could help/predict this outcome in your orbit. I think I really only identify with one of the 7.

Toyota still had $1.3B-quadrupling their profits-despite the company’s massive recalls. How the fuck does that happen? And what would their profits been if they did not have the component catastrophes?

Once again, the 2 month long celebration of our savior Jesus Christ is upon us. As usual in the form of tera-trees, super sales, and a cacophony of cheer-Christmas Consumerism. I will practice patience, filter the folly and surreptitiously serve until once again that destined day arrives-meaning to myself the farthest distance of time till the season arrives again…

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