All right people. Hold the presses!!! I have learned recently that Captain Jack Sparrow is at it again with Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides. You can go here to youtube to see a few trailers made for the movie already.

One of my fave female actresses, Penelope Cruz, will also be in it. I always like her. Hopefully she is not one of the killer mermaids in this fourth installment of the franchise. That would kinda ruin it for me…

Oh, by the way, caribbean can be pronounced either way, kar-uh-bee-uhn orĀ  kuh-rib-ee-n, according to, but we all know the second–kuh-rib-ee-n–is the right one. Saying the first syllable with an ‘a’ sound is just gay.

Last thing-the movie comes out in 3-D. On my 44th birthday. (thank you, Penelope). I have a paypal account, and I am taking donations now for my birthday present. You can just send a check or money order, if you would like. Or even better, just come with me and buy my ticket and such!!!


Thank you in advance for your generosity and support.

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