So our present CIC has signed a bill that helped Americans by not letting taxes go up for another year or two. The package, signed Friday by President Barack Obama, will save taxpayers, on average, about $3,000 next year according to Yahoo finance news. That’s good. Too bad that my health insurance is going up so the $$ that could have stayed in my pocket still goes to the $$ hungry Insurance behemoths…so you are to now rationalize that ‘oh, well at least I have something left.’ Well, if I was saving $3k in taxes a year, that’s $250/month…wow, wouldn’t that be nice. I just don’t see that happening. Plus my health insurance is going up $60/month. What do you do?

So I have been semi-following this story of 40-Year Old Virgin star Shelley Malil who claims in his testimony, he stated “that it was the knife that did it”.  He stated this repeatedly. And testified that he stabbed his girlfriend by mistake–23 times, thinking he was defending her.

Is this like an O.J. Simpson defense approach? Defending her from what? The knife?

So maybe he is actually going to spend his life in prison with possibility of parole for doing such a crappy job defending her from that obviously demented knife. Maybe that way he will sleep better..behind bars…for the rest of his life. I will have to set up a News alert to see what bizarre event happens next.

And what about the knife? Shouldn’t Shelley be concerned about what will happen to it? It won’t get away ‘without a scratch’, will it?

I have done some maintenance in my Taya-trailers area adding 6 more trailers and  purging the ones that already are in theaters for your convenience.

I found this Christmas animation to be rather surreal and scary. Poor dog.

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