My last post before the holiday, I guess. Thought I would share some things that I have learned before you put out the milk and cookies…

Don’t be a holiday heart attack. This article states that people are in denial over the holidays while eating eating more, drinking more and generally being reckless with their health and well being. All because they have fallen victim to the christmas consumerism. ‘Denial, after all, is pretty common over the holidays. We want lots of laughing, all the meals gourmet, and everyone a picture of health. In other words, we think life will take a holiday. But it won’t. You want to believe that slight pain in the chest is just heartburn and not worth making a fuss over. Right? Wrong.’  So be careful, people. I want you around next year to amuse. OK, that was kinda selfish, but I wouldn’t want you to miss out.

Think you have a stressful holiday season? Feeling sorry for yourself because you can’t get what you want for your loved ones? Read some of these. It’s a reality check. The site will make you a bit more grateful. Especially the third one down. There could be more. But I had had enough.

Like Christmas story? Like your Red Ryder bb gun? Well, don’t shoot your eye out!!

What if there was no Rudolph the red nosed reindeer? Check this out. The snowman seems a bit upset.

I thought this was interesting. Pamela Anderson will ‘grace’ the pages of Playboy again in January 2011. At the age of 43. For the 13th time. You go girl…

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