First of all some of you may have noticed the date today. 1/11/11. Only 284 days(from this post of course) till 11/11/11!! I can’t wait!!

I ran into this post about diet myths that is a very good read. Just in time for the new year.

And lastly just reported on Health Freedom Alliance website a major score for the Americans-not the FDA or the big pharma of the world. The FDA has been controlling the market of natural supplementation and vitamins, suppressing free speech by not allowing suppliers and manufacturers to state the potential health benefits of a product on its label. That is deception and you will think that you have to go to your doctor and get some big pharma medicine for your ailment when instead you can just take a supplement. I know that is what I would rather do-take the supplement. You can read more here at this link.

I don’t make this shit up, people…

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  1. Outstanding article. I already have bookmarked your website. Keep sharing. Cheers

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