I saw this on the news today: A new way to be disposed of that is less energy intensive(cremation) and does not take up any space. It’s called resomation—or dying green.You can read  more here.

Cremating one corpse requires two to three hours and more than 1,800 degrees of heat — enough energy to release 573 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, environmental analysts have calculated. In many cases, dental compounds, such as fillings, also go up in smoke, spewing harmful mercury vapors into the air unless the crematorium has a chimney filter.

And of course, burial just takes up valuable space.

In resomation, a body is placed in a steel chamber along with a mixture of water and potassium hydroxide. Air pressure inside the vessel is increased to about 145 pounds per square inch, and the temperature is raised to about 356 degrees Fahrenheit. After two to three hours, the corpse is reduced to bones that are then crushed into a fine, white powder. That dust can be scattered by families or placed in an urn. Dental fillings are separated out for safe disposal.

Hmmm. My bones get to be crushed into a fine powder. That sounds like it would hurt even if I was dead.

So the city of Camden,NJ is SERIOUSLY going off it’s rocker. With more than half of Camden’s 80,000 residents, mostly black and Hispanic, living in poverty and the city being the nation’s second-most dangerous based on 2009 data, according to CQ Press, which compiles such rankings (Camden ranked first the previous two years) a sixth of the Camden government work force have been laid off. Public safety officers(fire and police) were hit the worst.

Wow. Now that is being stupid.Probably greedy. Read more here.

And finally, if you are disabled, please watch out for this.

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