To start with, I think everyone is jealous…jealous of Charlie Sheen and his rock and roll lifestyle. Jealous of the fact that he really doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him. He is an actor and is using that to his favor when he goes on to these talk shows and talks the warlock talk he is talking. Sure, the drugs have helped his delusion of granduer behavior, but he has got it made!!! I do not envy him, I congratulate him!! It is healthy what he is doing. Showing he has got attitude is what he is all about now. A flying force to be reckoned with!!  The mere humans out there who are trying to get him are just haters. I would have an attitude, too. He wanted attention and he got it. Let’s see what he can do with it.

There are certain people in this country(or the whole friggin’ planet) that I think have this whole mental superiority for getting  what they want for whatever reason that has gotten them where they are today. They want and they go out and get it. No matter how much is against them. Or they sold their soul to Satan, one of the two. Or both.

Example? OJ Simpson 10 yrs ago is one. He got away with murdering his wife and her boyfriend. How the hell did that happen?? Then wrote a book about how ‘if he DID do it…’ just to rub it in everybody’s faces. But apparently he pissed off Satan OR he lost his mental state that let him get away with crap like that. I believe he is still in jail. Charlie Sheen is one of those with the mental state I am speaking of….with an emulous side of euphoria.

Hey maybe it’s those slapstick parody movies they made that did it. Naked Gun, Hot shots and the like?

Best way to appease the appetite? The banana. Specifically, the not quite ripe banana. It’s loaded with Resistant Starch (RS), a healthy carb that fills you up and helps to boost your metabolism. Read the article. Good to know.

OK, this is wierd. Mazda is doing a recall on 65,000 Mazda6 cars in this hemisphere. Why? Spiders in the vents.

Oooh, wouldn’t that be creepy to be driving along and suddenly get immersed by spiders WHILE you are driving? Forget Snakes on a Plane!! Spiders in a Car!!!

2 thoughts on “Attitude health, appetite help, and arachnids

  1. “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.”

    Those words used to fill me with such rage. See I’m a homely fellow, about 5’6″, stocky, and with a face for radio. I had this friend, let’s call him Ridley. You see Ridley was very tall and had this rough Italian charm that women just fucking swooned for. Seriously. This guy walks into a room full of chicks, you need hip-waders to get around in there. Dark eyes and a confident, alpha-dog personality. Also a total douche bag. I despised this guy. We were kinda ostensibly friends. You know, the kinda friends that you are with somebody where you hate them so much that you play nice and be their friend just so you can have regular contact with them and know what they’re up to. I guess the closest word I can think of for that is “nemesis”. Just somebody whose every joy is a fucking thorn in your nuts, but you maintain regular contact with them so that you can know exactly how much happier they are than you with real-time updates. I loathed him. It had nothing and everything to do with the fact that we were after the same girl for a time. I just hated him for having what he had. What I didn’t have.

    Then one day I thought about it. I thought to myself, “Thurgood Wilhelm Reynolds, the Third, what would YOU do if you had what he had?” And I realized something. I realized that I hadn’t developed that cold, necessary ability to juggle multiple trysts because I hadn’t evolved it. I never evolved the ability to be that kind of douchebag for the same reason that turtles have never evolved wings. What would I do with it? I have never been in a situation that necessitated such douchebaggery. And I can’t truly say that, given a seemingly unlimited number of willing sources of affection, I wouldn’t have (back in the day when I wasn’t in a relationship) indulged. Had I the ability, I discovered, to attract women like I had a pocketful of bitchnip, I would probably have been just as big a douchebag as he was. I realized that my homeliness had actually saved me from being like him. And like Charlie Sheen. God bless this face.

    Anyway, once I realized this, I was able to be happy with who I was and not be unhappy that he was who he was. I had stopped hating the player, and I had stopped giving a shit about the game. And I was even able to make friends with him since who he was no longer mad me lust for physical violence. And when I broke his arm last week with a sawed-off broom handle and set his kitchen on fire, it wasn’t because of who he was or that I hated his lifestyle, it was because he owed me, like, three grand in gambling debts. (see I’m also his bookie.)

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