Sitting will kill you. Enough said. Read this.

So you go to a gas station, you pump your gas. Where is the meter that gauges how much gas actually goes into your tank? I believe it is not in the pump handle but somewhere closer to the gauge…wouldn’t you think? So when you pump your gas and then let go of  the handle, you did not get all the gas that you actually are about to or have paid for.

I thought about that when I saw a guy take the hose when he was done pumping and hold it up to get all the petroleum pooled at the lowest point of the hose between the pump itself and the nozzle into his car.

Wow. Maybe he knows something the rest of us don’t.

OK, I bet you are saying “No you are actually getting the fuel that the last person at that same pump left behind that was in the hose, so it all even.”

Yeah I thought about that. But what if the fuel is not left in the hose? What if every time a pump is used, metered and pumped into your car, the ‘hose fuel’ is sucked back up the hose to be ‘sold’ again? It is certainly possible. OK, maybe this is only a pint or so(depending on the hose length and girth) left behind in the hose. Not a big deal for the end-user. But this leftover gas would add up TO A LOT OF MONEY made after just a day at one gas station.

I am not a conspiracy theororist, nor do I want to believe that this could be true, but until I know the truth on how a gas pump works…

Meet Smutley the Cat. Not Quite SFW. Kinda funny though.


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