Attention ladies!!! Are you tired of not being looked at in the eyes at work? Having to say “I’m up here!” repeatedly? Well then this is the answer for you!!! Actually I would prefer chest eyes…

The latest breakthrough in energy that is low emissions and much more cost effective? The Bloom box. Not sure about the cost effective part actually. Maybe someday soon. But fuel cell technology might do some good for the middle class someday.

Even more interesting than Darwin Awards to me is the fashion that people die. Some out of total stupidity, some just plain unusual. They have happened through time. We can be assured they will not stop anytime soon.Here is a stat for you: More people are killed each year by flying champagne corks than bites from poisonous spiders. Of the nearly two dozen champagne-accident fatalities a year, more than a third occur at weddings. Good way to start a honeymoon…

Last thing: I found this to be rather funny


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