Although I was still able to keep strong the alliteration in my posts, this post is only about one subject: Who can we believe?

I found out from a new friend of mine yesterday his belief on the revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar. Not new news, but the concept to me was new. Only because I am not one to get into the financial news. Shame on me.

Nevertheless, the concept of the dinar revaluation to me makes sense. If what is claiming is indeed true, we-as in the United States, we-could be out of debt just like that…right? Well, maybe…

Could this possibly be true?

There are many other other WWW nay-sayers. Plus looking on New York Times and Wall Street Journal sites did not yield ANY results. After all, looking for reliable news on this subject from reputable sources seems most needed.

I have touched on a bit of government conspiracy here lately what with the water/fluoride issues and the Hot Coffee documentary in the past weeks on this site. Could this be more conspiracy? Those Worldly High class would not want the middle class American to actually excel, would they? Keep America in debt via the elected while they prosper waiting to take over the world. Just another step to introducing the awaited Amero.

Or is this just internet thieves who are trying to cash in on uninformed Americans using the latest ruze to invest in the dinar.

Either way, you have to be careful. Why?? Why do we have to be carefull???

2 thoughts on “The dinar, deception and our destiny

  1. You asked more questions than you gave answers.
    Why is that?

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