First of all, congrats to me. this is my 101st post since withdrawing to WordPress.

So what is the benefit? It has been discovered and proven that the chilling Chinese use breathless babies for stamina boosters in pill form. The pills were tested and were 99.7% human baby!!! Is this some type of chinese voodoo/black magic shit going on? Why and who would find and learn and promote this type of horrid healthfulness?!?

I am all about recycling, but really?

So with all the other crap going on with dead baby stamina boosters, the esoteric economy, weather going awry, we have an angry amoeba out there kicking it up a notch.  The attacking amoeba causes a severe and often untreatable brain infection. The illness is extremely rare: about 120 U.S. cases — almost all of them deaths — have been reported since the amoeba was identified in the early 1960s, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Three deaths are reported each year, on average. Last year, there were four. But this summer alone there were three…so far.

I love how the CDC page shows a picture of the microscopic amoeba like we will see hungry horror before we snort it up into our nasal cavity and it burrows its way up into our sensitive skull.

Stay out of warm lakes or hold your nose and none of those neti pots.

But the Naegleria fowleri is not the only brain eater out there. You a dieter? Dieting improperly can cause brain self cannabalism. Or  autophagy (literally, self eating self). A great word to know.

That might explain my acting like a Diva when I get hungry- autophagy.

If only dieting were that easy.

I am still trying to figure out why I sweat so much from my head and brow when working out(or whatever) and my head isn’t shrinking!! And if there is no fat between my skull and skin(inside the skull is still debatable), then how does the sweat get or go up to my cranium to come out to begin with?

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