So this week in news came the death of an icon-Steve Jobs. I am not going to bore you with details of him or his death because all this data has been everywhere since it happened. Plus we all knew his death would happen soon with the pancreatic cancer he was dealing with anyways.I found it humorous that there were memorials set up for him at a majority of his stores and people would leave an apple with a bite gone like the Apple brand…perfect, right before Halloween…

We can thank him for all the innovation he introduced into the tech industry. Someone posed the question to me yesterday of what will happen to Apple now? Sure Tim Cook and Apple will be able to ride on Steve’s coat tails for awhile, but will they be able to still be innovate like the late great Jobs?

I did find this article about 9 things you didn’t know about the life of Steve Jobs pretty interesting.

Also in the news is the controversial debit fees BOA is implementing-and the people who do not have to pay the controversial debit fees. The debit fees are a way for shareholders to make their money back that the government is suing the bank for. I mean, did you really think that the shareholders would be the ones who would pay for BOA errors? Of course not. Shit rolls downhill. You can protest and get thousands of signatures on a petition and take it to them…if you think it would help. But the best is to just leave. Go to a credit union. A lot of people in the Charlotte area alone are.  If BOA gets away with this, then there is a new precedent that other banks will follow with.

Oh, and there is an uproar that BOA employees are exempt from this fee. That’s a perk of being an employee. I am OK with that although the fees I think is not fair.  I guess that kinda makes sense.

I ran across this article-and I studied it intently-of Million dollar Celebrity breasts. I agree on a majority of the breasts….err, actresses. But I feel there were a few(actresses) left out. Thought I would share.

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