So I was giving my thoughts on SOPA and PIPA last week and what the two bills meant to the United States and our freedoms on the internet. Well, there is actually a European version of the same bill: ACTA(Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) which is essentially the same thing but has been presented internationally AND accompanied with a lot more secrecy. You  can read more about it here.

Internet freedom is not an all or nothing subject. The internet is too big for that. Case in point: The Online Protection and Enforcement of Digital Trade-or OPEN has been introduced. Why has it not got more publicity? Damn good question because OPEN seems to be the answer to both sides. But it seems the media moguls are trying to take control of the internet(and then what?) and we as Americans or Europeans or whatever we are should not(if we are smart about it) let ACTA or PIPA or SOPA happen.

So now that there is a viable solution, let’s all work on letting our respective congressperson aware that YOU are in FAVOR of OPEN.

I watched a documentary on the history of Absinthe yesterday. Very informative and educational. If you have hulu/huluplus, you can watch it any time. This beverage is something I have always wanted to imbibe. But it ain’t cheap. Nothing that is good ever is. Just ask my lovely wife. But anyways, I found it interesting that the reason that absinthe was outlawed to begin with back in the early years of the 1900’s is that the wine merchants of the day were trying to get rid of absinthe as their main competition. All they needed to outlaw absinthe was one bad absinthe-related event to do it. And of course, one drunk man(who killed his wife and two kids) ruined it for everybody. This man was said to have just two glasses of the green fairy. Never mind he had consumed many glasses of wine before that.

Plus I learned that absinthe was actually created by a woman peasant, not by the doctor who alledgedly created it. But this same doctor is the one who started the marketing of this lively libation. And you are very welcome in advance. As far as getting some absinthe in the US, Lucid is the US version of absinthe superior. PO box 25, Stanfield, 28163 if you want to send some my way…and Thank you in advance.

I found this .gif file and found it funny and kinda creepy at the same time. Enjoy.

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