On IMDB, I found this list of movies coming out sometime in the next 3 years and the list seemed pretty interesting.  Mostly for what the Studios are making sequels of. Pirates of the Caribbean I can believe, but a Taken 2? Really? How about a remake of A Star is Born? I’m not interested.  Avatar 2? Salt 2? Terminator 5? C’mon, really? I could go on or you can just look at the list.

So this Martin kid who got killed by Zimmerman. I am sorry that it happened. Really, I am. But why is this news? People are killed every day. And going by Florida’s laws, this should be in the past. We have bigger things to worry about. Still my condolences. You just gotta wonder how things would have turned out if Trayvone was a color other than black…or if Zimmerman was black. Would all this protesting be going on?

So right after I got my new home computer-a PC- my Mac started acting up. Just getting slow and lagging a lot. So as everyone does, I do a search for ‘speed up my mac’ and this article is what came up.  http://www.maclife.com/article/feature/25_ways_speed_your_mac. It helped a lot. And so did an app called Cocktail, which I strongly recommend. My mac is running like new again!!!

So Congrats to whoever the winners were last night in the Mega Millions drawing. Your lives have changed forever and will stay that way if you take care of the money right. Even split 3 ways.

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