First there was SOPA and ACTA and PIPA. Now it is CISPA.

Actually, CISPA has been out there for a while. H.R.3523 — Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2011 was introduced November 30, 2011.

When I first saw data on CISPA, I was not too awful worried. I was wrong. CISPA is actually worse than SOPA.

So I am thinking why can’t we do what we all did last time and just have an internet blackout like we did for SOPA and the government will listen to us(as they should) and not pass this heinous bill.

Well, last time the bill actually hurt those same sites/companies as far as their liability and business practices.  SOPA made life difficult for the Googles and the Facebooks out there. So they protested and thereby let us in on the whole SOPA bill for their best interests. I don’t blame them for that.

Not the case anymore. CISPA actually protects these sites/companies with such a broad set of guidelines that they are LITERALLY untouchable under the ‘cybersecurity’ premise. SOPA actually helps the CISPA bill. Read this.

I do believe that the government wanted a CISPA-type bill all along and were very devious in their ways to start with SOPA. These types of Bills will always be around. Plus with the seamless interaction with big government and big business, you have to be very aware and diligent about protecting your rights.

Unfortunately, CISPA has already passed the House of Reps. But it still has to pass the Senate. You can help to stop it by going  and filling out the petitions.

One here  and one here.

Believe me, we do not want this bill or this type of bill to be passed.

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