So I have had my HTC Evo 3D since last October, I think.

I love my HTC phone. Probably loyal to them for a good long time.

Got the phone for many reasons, but taking 3D pics was not at the top of that list. I could take 3D photos(or 2D) and 3D video but all I could do was look at these pics on my phone…until now.

Not sure how I ran across, but now I can actually look at my 3D photos at a size bigger than what’s on my screen. Now any 3D pics I take can have a purpose.

Still have lots to learn, I think but I will share when I have more. Here is one of my first. I have it set to default wiggle. but there are other settings to press at the bottom of the pic.

[3dpix id=4fa41fca3785018007000001 width=500 height=300 mode=animated]

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