First of all, Happy Mother’s Day. To my mother. Thanks for being the best Mom you can be. I couldn’t have done ‘it’ without you.

Now that I have that taken care of, I would like to get something  off my chest.  I will preface with this: there is a house and there is a home. The difference? A house is just any old house. A home is your house. Where you leave from in the morning to go to work and where you drive to every night knowing that in your freezer in your home is a bottle of Southern Comfort waiting to be poured over ice for you to enjoy and rewind. Well, my home does anyways.

My point? The term mother does not have a different more personal term for it like house and home does. You can have slang terms or endearing terms for mother like Mom or Ma or Mommy. They can be a bit more personal and regional and more age specific, but still the root is mother. And the holiday is called Mother’s Day. So really you have to celebrate your Mother, the mother to your rugrats AND ANY OTHER WOMAN THAT HAS RUGRATS. If not, you are an asshole. Not by my standards, but the rest of society’s.  I could really give a crap if you do or not.  So I will say “Happy Mother’s Day” to anyone who wants me to but the level of sincerity will be lacking.  Why? Because you are not MY mother. The fact that I am saying “Happy Mother’s Day” to anyone other than my mom cheapens the gesture and sincerity like those dollars that our illustrious government made to allegedly cure the recession.

Mother’s Day is probably just another holiday created by the House of Hallmark and flower growers everywhere to sell cards and such. But you can’t really argue with them because it was a great idea, this Sunday set aside in May to be called Mother’s Day. I guess you could if you wanted to, but again, you would be an asshole. Not by my standards, but society’s.

Society standards is also the segway to my next topic. Marriage. Specifically, gay marriage. North Carolina last week voted 61% to oppose gay marriage. So 61 % of NC voters thinks that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. Because God says so.

Wait a minute. Just thinking aloud here…

Didn’t God have something to do with ‘creating’ gay people too? If the over-bearing, God-fearing bible thumpers believe that God created all, then he did. Why would he have done that? Why would God let such anarchy occur?

Hey, maybe God realized that humans as a species are like minks and are reproducing waaay too fast for the planet to support.  So He created Gays and gay marriage to help curb the exhorbitant birth rate and help some of the orphans out there by having the gays adopt them. See? Gays are good to have around. Twofold. There are many other jokes that can be made about what gays are good at, but let’s not get into stereotypes.

Kinda like God uses malaria and other diseases to take care of overpopulation in third world countries…kinda. But no, humans got to meddle with malaria, too.  Let’s cure malaria so we have a larger world wide overpopulation problem meaning more suffering mouths to feed. But I digress…

Honestly, I don’t care. I am not the meddling type. I just want to be happy. Which includes not hearing the static from those aforementioned over-bearing, God-fearing bible thumpers people trying to shove their beliefs down my throat. I know gay people and they are just fine with me.  The gays I know are pretty cool, laid back, non violent people. Unless I end up getting brutally sodomized by a gang of gays, all is copacetic between them and myself.

And what would the term be for a gang of gays? Like a herd of cattle, a gaggle of geese, a _______of gays.

Anyways. Plus, you should look at this 10 reasons against Gay marriage..a rebuttal to those for NC amendment One.

BTW, I looked up the politically correct term for gays. Mixed answers but ‘gays’ seems to work. I am not at all using the term with negative connotations.

As I look back and see that the happiness of these gay peoples are now affected by the NC 61% and their meddling beliefs when really there is absolutely no way that this 61% could be harmed in any way bothers me. Although I am rather apathetic about the whole situation, it seems like I should have taken the trouble and voted “No”. I was exercising my free will.  I exercise my own free will and don’t meddle, but that let others meddle.  Which allowed someone else not to have all their free will…


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