Greenland is really turning into a green land.  The country had a heatwave as none seen since 1889. What the heck is going on on this planet? Is global warming fake or not? I know Duke Energy is loving me and its other customers considering how much my power bill is right now trying to keep my damn house cool.

Bats are smarter than I thought!!  And kinkier. An ornithologist named Stefan Greif has discovered that one of the ways a bat finds its food by listening for fornicating flies.

Really. No shit.

Wow. I thought Discover magazine was rated “G”. The article is here.So, I am glad that flies are intense insects as far as their fornication goes…think of how many flies we would be dealing with if they weren’t? But then I guess we would have less bats, too…

Well, it looks like the truth is really out on Travolta. A 6 year gay relationship? And we are just now finding out about this? Well, I guess  Kelly Preston scored in the end. I mean if you believe in all this celeb gossip to begin with.

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