Don’t eat me, bro…

I have 4 kittens I have to get rid of. I wanted to give them to loving homes. Then I just wanted to give them to any home. Now I must change my marketing scheme a bit. So while I am one to constantly think outside of the box, I thought “what else can they be marketed as…?”


So I pulled up the old google window tab and started withe the search ‘cat recipes’. I was pleased with the results. I found almost as many sites came up with ‘kitten recipes

For just ‘cat recipes’ 3 sites came up, one of them being wikipedia’s cat meat post. I was amazed to read that not only do some cultures eat cat meat, some actually think it is good luck to ingest our furry friends. I need some luck….

Don’t get me wrong, I have been around cats all my life. And anyone who knows me well knows that I have a certain curiosity of them. So how could I possibly post something as cutting as cat cuisine? Simple. I have a challenge I need to overcome. There are people RIGHT HERE in this country who are starving and need food. I have extra meat just layin’ around my porch. Free. I will even include a free can of beer!!! Nine lives, my ass. Although what I really want to get like this one here

Look. Put it this way. I love cats. But there are just too many to adore. And be servants to. I just have to cut down on the cacophony of cat in my neighborhood…or just the opposite and start a cat ranch if this turns into another source of income.

This would actually work out because I love kittens a lot more than I love cats…

Speaking of kittens, how about sex kittens? Specifically Jen Aniston. Or maybe she is a sex cat now. Anyways, she has got lots of money, talented, and superfamous and a killer rack but she just can’t seem to hold onto a guy. Although the latest tabloids are not true that another guy is gone, people are believing it because of the guys she has been in and out of her life already. Just goes to show you that sometimes you can’t have everything. Good luck, Jen. Your biological clock is probably ticking so loud it is only drowned out by your frustrations…

The 2012 Olympics seems to be about the women. NBC put together a video that was to depict this called “Bodies in Motion”. Apparently it did not go over too well….

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