I found this enlightening article on Gary Johnson and thought it needed to be shared. I could not have said this better than Nick Sloan did or does, so I will just provide a link to his article called-appropriately enough:

Why I’m voting for Gary Johnson – and eight reasons you should too

I especially like and agree very strongly on #5. A third-party threat is needed to shake up government.  We have grown way too complacent. We need someone to get our illustrious leaders to wake up and realize what is important to the Americans they are supposed to be serving. Not the corporations. Not the millionaires, billionaires, and fat cats that get what they want despite they are but a small percentage of Americans(if they are even Americans) and so many others suffer.

I am all about free market. I am all about the American dream. But when Hedge Fund Managers and all these other rich people are benefiting from things on Wall Street that we don’t benefit from and then pay lower tax rates because their congressman friends  have made it possible to do so?  Well that is just wrong. And Immoral.

Just plain fucking rude.

And I am tired of war. We need to find a new way of dealing with the turmoil so we are not getting our fellow Americans killed.

 Gary Johnson is our man. We need to vote him into the White house and fix it. That is his goal. Fair and square. He believes in Middle Class America. I believe in him.

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