I read a letter on Yahoo news yesterday that in a roundabout way stated that if you vote for Obama, you would lose your job.

That’s right-blackmail.

The Koch brothers, who owns Koch Industries and employs over 50,000 people, sent a “Voter Information Packet ” that was Pro Romney and in a roundabout way stated that if Obama was reelected, downsizing would occur.

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I gotta give them credit. Scare tactics like that will probably work. Considering just how much the sheeple of the great United States operate nowadays…

The Koch Brothers are so worried about where this country is going that they have told their employees that if Obama continues with his agenda, that jobs would be lost, benefits would suffer.

More crap for these people to worry about. Another way the 1% can control the middle class and below in this country.

But again, why not Gary Johnson? Why are these billionaire brothers not entertaining the Libertarianism that this country needs to adopt?

I can go on about the Special interest groups, the 1% gaining more and more power, and so on and so forth. You have heard it all from me before.

Gary Johnson and his fellow libertarians have the answers. But I suspect the the Koch Brothers and their buddies in the 1% group want to entertain Libertarianism even less than Obama and his agenda.

Because the golden towers would tumble. Which is exactly what this country needs.

Vote Gary Johnson next week. It’s for your own good.



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