So it is once again my favorite time of year.

“The Holidays”

If you cannot detect the massive amounts of sarcasm in the last two lines of text, then you do not know me very well.

The thing is that “The Holidays” seem to come earlier every year. Which is one of the problems I have with enjoying the holidays. The materialism and propaganda creeps further and further in front of Thanksgiving every year. Visibly for the past few years.

I block it out as much as possible because if not the disgust is portrayed in my face like the joy in a child’s face when he /she sees the great Kris Kringle at your favorite mall Christmas kiosk.

If anyone sees the utter disappointment in my sour mug, they call me a Scrooge or a Grinch.

That is the really funny part.

Not to get cruel, but I want to ask: Have you seen the movie? Either/or The Grinch or A Christmas Carol? What happens at the end?

Yeah. You know. The main character “sees the christmas light” and expounds how wrong he was and spreads cheer and all that happy horseshit.

I seem to have a problem with conforming to that. Call it rebellion. Call it apostasy. Call it plain old disobedience. Whatever.

I do my best to humor all you holiday driven humans. Something I learned from my mother to do…humor, that is.

It keeps the peace, if you would let it.

Peace. That sounds good. And buying a big screen TV for your significant other will help facilitate that.

Can we get to the true meaning of where this holiday came from? The birth of Christ? Remember?

Done. Please don’t ask me why I am not a holidays fan. Ask yourself what the holiday is supposed to be for.


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