So we have made it to December 2nd. 23 days to go till my favorite day of the year:

Christmas. The 25th. The longest possible amount of time till the next Christmas…and the hype that starts all over again before the holiday…usually around Halloween.

Some companies use the same commercials from last year and the year before. I am thinking of the commercial with the hershey’s kisses in the shape of the christmas tree ‘chiming out’ We wish you a merry Christmas. I am even more tired of that one over all the others.

I guess the leap years would be the absolute longest till the next Christmas holiday. Yay, Leap Year!!

I would like to premise all this by saying that the ONLY thing I like about the holidays is I get to see my family up in the northies of the states.

So I have found more and more people who feel like I do about the holidays. I just heard on TV that Brad Pitt is not a Santa fan…good for him. Plus Joss Stone wrote a song(and video) about the season and how she is glad it only comes once a year.

And with the presence of anti-christmas songs, that made me wonder if there were possibly Anti christmas groups. And there is.

I explored the site and found all sorts of awesome points made!! I will continue the quest of finding videos, sites.. anything or anyone who feels the same way I do about the grand ole holiday called Christmas.

Does anyone have any idea how much power companies appreciates the holidays with the holiday schwag holiday humans hang on their humble houses? Would love to find out…

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