IMG_20121218_190146_027So here it is January 3rd of 2013. The year of higher taxes. I cannot WAIT(oh yes, I can) to see what my first paycheck of this year will be like.  Income taxes won’t go up from what I have read but payroll taxes will. Wasn’t sure what the difference was so I looked it up.  Now I know the difference but either way, I will have less take home pay. Lovely.

I haven’t posted since the 21st of December. I have been a bit busier, but mostly the reason is Words With Friends. You can play me if you want on FB, but I will warn you now–I adapt and overcome.

I am not a religious person as many know. But as I was watching some Nova show the other day discussing the Hadron Collider, I was thinking of the millions of dollars spent building that thing. Millions of dollars that could have been spent keeping people in third world countries alive. So uneducated people in poverty die every day so that other educated people can play around with things they cannot even see without more expensive toys and make them hit each other…all in the word of science.Do we really need to know what they do?

Why so curious???

Looking at extremes like this, I gotta wonder if there really is a God. Why would people be born just for them to die again? What is the point of that?

Animals-the ‘dumb ones’ can live in harmony with their surroundings. They do not destroy to create. Humans on the other hand, not only destroy to create but let other humans suffer and die just so they can crash atoms together. Is this the cost of progress and innovation?

I think I would rather be a dog. A dog who does not have to pay taxes. I guess I would then have to do without Words with friends.

Oh, now I get it…

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