Kim-Kardashian1So this whole gay marriage thing…why do we wanna mess with them?  Why does religion have to be so damn pushy? If the gay people need to prove that they love each other by marriage, let them. How is their love hurting you?  Or the rest of us, really. If anything, Gay marriage can actually help our society by the fact that they(the gay couples–male or female) adopt some of the orphan children in the world or just not have any children at all. Which cuts down on world population. Which I think is pretty relevant. There are other factors that are sore spots with the whole subject. Insurance for one. I am sure there are more. Let em be happy. Stop being assholes.

My stance is be happy. And let others be happy. Don’t meddle. It’s just stupid and not worth the time and energy. You have GOT to have something better to do.

I am not a religious person as some others have already learned. Here is one of the reasons. Religious people are too opinionated.  They gotta force their values on everyone because they think that is the way to be. Fuck that. Also the word hypocritical comes to mind. Read this as it seems to fit that accusation. If you are gonna talk the talk, walk the walk or shut the fuck up.

In the mean time, I will pick fun and post other comics and comments picking about both the anti- and pro- and/or either on FB, etc…because it’s fun!!!

So while this whole Gay marriage thing is/was going being contemplated in Superior Court, it totally overshadowed something else that we should really be worried about…HR 933 and the underhanded things that some of our leaders(the bought ones) are doing to their constituents. Particularly, the Monsanto Protection Act.

This dangerous provision, the Monsanto Protection Act, strips judges of their constitutional mandate to protect consumer and farmer rights and the environment, while opening up the floodgates for the planting of new untested genetically engineered crops, endangering farmers, citizens and the environment.

Scary, right? It doesn’t matter if Gays are getting married or not with this kind of underhanded stuff going on. And as stated in #5 on the IBT article, this is a dangerous precedent, anyways. What’s next? Here is where I would insert some other crazy thing that our government would/could do to us, but I would rather not think about worse things they could do. Or give them any ideas.

Why would Obama possibly want to sign this unless there was something that benefited him more than taking care of the American people as he swore to do? I shudder to think.

And lastly,on TMZ, I saw the Battle of the pregnant women, Kim Kardashian or Jessica Simpson. And essentially it came down to which pregnant lady do you like best(loosely translated). A majority chose Jessica. And I beg to differ. Although both women are pretty, I would choose Kim over Jessica in a New York minute!!! Which brings up the subject of what the fuck difference does it make what Kim is wearing?!? Honestly, I would much rather see Kim in what she is wearing than what Jessica was in the photos TMZ was using. Plus Kim is just hotter than that dimwit anyways.  Kanye is one lucky man!!  Plus although Kim is getting a lot of slack for her wardrobe choices while sporting the baby bump of Kanye Jr, at least she is trying to look fashionable.

So to wrap up, we worry about how offended we are about something even if it makes others happy when we should be busy watching what our elected officials are doing to screw up this planet and our well being behind our back for their personal and most likely monetary gain. Plus we just can’t stand that someone would choose to wear something they want to wear when they are pregnant when it is really none of our fucking business.

Got it.

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