lincoln-quoteAs I seem to have a lack of imagination at the moment, I wanted to comment on a few articles I have read/seen here recently.

First, it was reported that PETA is not as shining and untouchable as one would think.  According to Huffington Post, PETA is not who they claim to be.

Is it true? Can it be? Can such a distinguished organization like PETA really be taking animals lives rather than taking care of them, like they said they would? I mean, who can you believe anymore? The horror of it all!!

The WWW can be a great tool to discover the truth about people, organizations and the like. But that also means that people are also out there making up lies with an official look to pull one over on us, too.

The proposal of the 28th amendment is another such example. I got an email just last week on this amendment. The amendment makes sense in that it proposes that

“Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States.”

Hey, that’s great!! Hell yeah, we should be all for that. But according to , this is largely inaccurate. Thanks in part to the Congressional Accountability of 1995.

I just gotta wonder how much I can believe, too. I was on and that site has a whole subdomain just on urban legends and the like. What the hell makes THEM the authority on urban legends and debunking them? Who is to say that there is not such a thing as the Angolan Witch Spider shown here? Scary as fuck, I know, but still better than what we endure as humans from our government on an everyday basis…allegedly. I do not fear death by strapping spider anywhere NEAR the amount I do of being screwed by my fellow man.

But back to this 28th…why? Why would someone start this type of thing unless it is just to keep the rest of us confused and off balance on what we and who can truly believe.

There is nothing like trying to be passionate about something you believe in only to find out that the whole belief is fake. Or staged. Or maybe you just get told that said belief is a farce so that you will shut the hell up about it.

Again. Who can you believe?

So speaking of what our government does to its constituent/peasants on an everyday basis, how about this one?  Social Security cuts or abolishment of. I can see, on the surface, that this could be something we should worry about.  But can it really happen? To what end? Is it just greed on behalf of our elected officials? A proverbial wedge between upper and lower class making us all in the lower peasants living out of refrigerator boxes? Is it a rationalization tool in that our government is painting a very dreary picture in what we can look forward to in our golden years and then bait and switch for a lesser bad looking outcome making them look like the good guys? “Hey look what we can do/did for you!! Reelect me!!!”

I do believe I feel the same way about our young friend in North Korea. Do we really need to worry about him? Or is all this atomic anarchy a ruse by our government to keep our attention somewhere else while they screw us in another way like they did last week with gay marriage and Monsanto.

I think I will go by the way of the Angolan Witch spider…a lot quicker death, I would think. At least there will be no doubt how I will go.

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