bdayOur United States Army wants no more Abrams tanks. They do not need them yet Congress insists on spending nearly half a billion dollars getting them made. Nope, nothing fishy going on here…

Ok, I understand that if they are not making tanks what will they do? But making them for no reason? I mean, come on. The tank  makers had to know that this would happen sooner or later.  This is the kind of bankrupting craziness that will sink this country. Having tanks is so 20th century. We are beyond that now. If something gets phased out, then it just goes away and people find something else to do. That’s business. Politics getting in the way will not solve anything. Actually, politics is making things worse.

It seems like any time we talk about cutting something that is costing this country money, we end up talking about how many people will then be jobless. Hey, that sucks, I know. But the only constant is change. We all have to realize that and move on.

I would have a hard time telling people that I made killing machines anyways…

Speaking of bankruptcy, I ran into this site the other day and thought it was quite informative…

And finally, anyone who knows me and mine know that we love our huskies. Akira turned 6 months old the other day.  She is growing so fast you can practically watch her grow.  She is a gorgeous animal and we love her and G-Dog dearly. Happy 6 month birthday, Akira. And G-dog is 18 months old. I don’t want to forget him.

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  1. I live in Conway AR and the high school msoact is the mean, Wampus Cat andand for the female team it is Wampus Kittens. Scrotie was definitely the funniest. I was introduced to geoducs on The Dirty Jobs Show with Mike Rowe.Naughty looking little devil’s, huh?

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