009-rocky-balboa-bloodyI have been struggling with getting posts accomplished for all my fans’ pleasure and I have discovered(or should I say come to a realization) that I have been putting WAY too much pressure on myself over this whole endearing endeavor.

Instead of working on getting three or more subjects going with alliteration, I should work on two at the most. This would be the first.

So my family has a few cats and one of them has gotten itself a bit beat up. I would have liked to seen the other feisty feline in this battle, assuming it was another feline.  We live in the country for the most part so it is hard to say what has really done the damage to our kaput kitty. Needless to say, it is time to let the cat move of to its own heaven-or hell-not sure which he deserves. He certainly has his days…

So I go to the great and powerful Google to see what I can find as far as humane ways to euthanize from the home. I am not a rich man nor do I have the time or gas to take a cat far for its final ride. Nor do I think a car ride would be a very pleasant experience since he has not been in an auto since its trip to our humble abode many years ago.

I ran into many threads on the sober subject.  I found a whole report on the guidelines for euthanasia. I found this blog which I found rather humorous on the whole subject. Especially the second paragraph and his comments on the the doomed cat’s sibling.

Don’t get me wrong-I am an animal lover. I am a life lover but this cat is getting rather ugly. It looks like Rocky Balboa if Apollo Creed had talons. We have some antibiotics and pain meds and I have been feeding said feline canned salmon to give his final days SOME pleasure, but the outlook is not good. Is he in pain? Does not seem to be, but then I could be wrong.

The next course of action seems to be moving on, cat. Just move on. And one of our dogs makes matter worse by licking the cat in the face for either selfish reasons or for sympathetic ones. Again-no way to tell.

So instead of letting things fester, I should just put an end to the cat’s life. Closure. But how? The vet wants $80. I don’t see that happenin’…

I could drive him out somewhere far away on the way to somewhere else. I could drown or suffocate it. I could just break it’s neck.

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