IMG_20130614_181222_665So anyone who knows me knows that I went through something pretty destructive thursday. Alot of people and houses and autos and fences, etc were affected by a pretty violent storm surge that went across the US. And timing is everything.

I was trying to get home before the storm hit so I did not stop and get gas in our Scion. Now I wish I had.

I got home and raced inside to get into the house, parking under a very old oak tree because I heard the storm was unleashing a lot of rain and large hail. The top of our scion is mostly glass  so I did not want to have to worry about a car claim. As you can see from the picture, that was the least of my worries.

Less than 10 minutes. That is all that separated me from being in that car when the tree came down. I was inside changing out of my suit and heard a wind squall creating a lot of noise. I had changed and ran back to our front door after I heard a crash to see the tree bouncing on top of my car…which was now not to be seen. The tree also took out about 70′ of our fence around our yard.

Any and all events in our life change us. Obviously some more than others.   I am now working on bouncing back. With help from friends and relatives, we have gotten the car out from the tree’s clenches but still have got a lot of cutting and cleaning to do. A lot of physical labor and cash has already been spent already. I do not mind the physical part. The cash part is not something just anyone can bounce back from.

When did insurance go from helping people to being a major fucking headache? My neighbor’s tree fell on my car and fence. No it was not his fault. It was not a humans fault. So I have been told by my insurance company that the other insurance company will most likely not pay anything because my neighbor was not at fault. I have to prove my neighbor was at fault to get financial help to rebound from this?  If myself or said neighbor believed in God, then you could say this is his fault in his divine intervention and he is negligent in letting this happen. He is negligent because He had the power to prevent this. So who does he have his planet or galaxy or universe-owners insurance with? I am calling you out. “God doesn’t work that way”, I am sure someone will be telling me. Well he should. Maybe this planet will be as better place if things weren’t about disaster and devastation for not one friggin good ass reason.  Send a windfall my way to take care of all this and you will not only get my thanks but my faith. So to be more positive in advance, Thanks in advance for your help…but I could have gone with out all this crap to deal with.


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