Statue_Of_Liberty_ NewYork _HarborHappy Fourth of July, everyone. Happy Independence Day. May you all enjoy your liberties and be cognizant not everyone has that luxury. May you also not be too paranoid in knowing that allegedly all your liberties and apparently listened to.

It has occurred to me that when people tell you not to let things bother you, certain people who tell you such things are just trying to take advantage of your overlooking things they know are going to bother you.

So the first question is who is the one who determines what to not let bother you and what things you need to be attentive to.

You do.

Where is that line and who are these intolerable humans I speak of?

That is what you gotta figure out.

Back to that darn Serenity prayer again…

Lastly, I have found a new bit of eye candy to enjoy connected with cooking.

OK, so Mariah Milano used to be a porn star…well she is trying to move on with her life so just enjoy the lunch and the view.

Just my speed-cleavage coupled with culinary.

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