climate-changeI ran across this video through google plus.  Pretty gross.  It is hard to imagine that the people who ‘design’ this stuff actually do this type of work. And why? And do they eat these things? You just gotta love what humans put each other through to save a buck.

So along with eating all this bad crap that fellow humans concoct for us, the weather we have been having is getting to be more and more of the same. Climate Central posted a report about our climate change issues. Get out the canoes, we will need them. I wonder if this is our fault, too.

And the New York Times posted an article on its site about the Decline of North Carolina. As a citizen of North America, I apparently am on the fence about this.  We are the fifth as far as unemployment rates, but we have apparently severed ties as far as getting further Federal benefits. And that, in my humble opinion, is going to really hurt the whole state in the long run as far as many other things like education for one.

I gotta work on getting better stories up here. But these are the kind of things we all need to know about.

I hope all this gets better before it gets worse.

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